Stop idling engines

Every vehicle driver could stop increasing unnecessary pollutants in the atmsophere by turning off engines when parked.



Why the contribution is important

Passersby get close up to vehicles parked outside shops. Often these vehicles are parked on or partly on pavements and waiting for a passenger who is shopping. Low down positioned people in disabled buggies, babies in pushchairs and children and dogs on leads are at the level of the exhaust, but also any passerby is inhaling nitrogen dioxide at close range. Often convenience shops have their doors propped open, so the staff inside are breathing in this toxic material all day long. 

I was involved in a citizen science experiment locally three years ago and found that a position just outside a village newsagents was subject to almost the same level of pollution as our town centre roundabout by Sainsbury's. 

by CAJacob on November 11, 2020 at 06:59PM

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