Regulate wood burning stoves

Regulate so that a wood burning stove can not be installed without permission. Also carry out spot checks on what is being burned in them.

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We are gradually becoming surrounded by these stoves in our area and the strong smell of smoke as soon as we open our front door indicates that inappropriate fuel is being used. In winter the smell actually comes down our chimney and into our living room.

by Emanuel on November 13, 2020 at 04:14PM

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  • Posted by VeronikaBTorfaenCouncil November 16, 2020 at 12:22

    Thanks for submitting this idea.
  • Posted by profJohn December 12, 2020 at 16:33

        regulating wood burning stoves would have a positive health benefit where their smoke contributes to poor air quality! However reducing wood burning stoves is likely to cause climate change and is therefore a bad idea in this debate; To illustrate this we need to think about the old carbon vs new carbon debate. combustion of fossil fuels [ coal gas, oil etc.] returns CO2 to
     the atmosphere that has not been in the atmosphere for 300+ Million years; Burning wood in most cases will return CO2 that a tree removed during is lifetime [ probably 10- 40 years ago the carbon released by wood burning does of course add to climate change driving, but adding CO2 that was only recently removed. This is not so bad if a wood burner is being used as an alternative to gas fired central heating or as a means of reducing the use of domestic gas etc. In general, from a climate perspective, wood burning stoves should be encouraged. as fallen wood left to rot emits methane [ a highly potent GHG the burning of wood may nor return as big a GHG- load to the atmosphere as it bring left to rot, the rotting wood of course does provide a valuable habitat and rotting of fallen wood in natural habitat has its own merits. these all illustrate that there are different aspects to the nature of wood -use; From a climate change persepective in a society where domestic heating is a need wood burning is a good thing.
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