increase the provision of EV charging points

       the  climate   crisis wi only be      addresses in each of usthat  travels is enabled to   acess to  electric vehicles               Torfaen comunitis have a   hosing stock dominated  by    those using on stret paeking,   comunity  car prks          princile    emplyers   and transprt    nodes / hubs etc shod se    the provis ion of more  charhing points   

Why the contribution is important

 a  shidtto   electric vehicles  will  be vital  and wil bedifficyult to      bring about whilst     most  homes  are unable t o   charge   their vehicles at home.   If    high steet/ Town Centre  parking areas       had charging    stations it could  both encorge the use of EVs  encourage the   use of high streets &   town centres as     shoping, visit destinations  and leisure hubs and extend the    footfall time of people using these       areas of declining economic acivity 

by profJohn on December 12, 2020 at 05:10PM

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