de-incinetivise the use of crematoria in funerary rites & promote green burial in brial woodlands

                 sevral studies across  the UK show that  many Local  Authorities      can trace their carbon foorprint  as  having  biggest source of GHG emissons is  council    regulted or operated gas-fired crematoria.   Many   comments here advocate    tree planting   its      a marveloussolution forhe climate      natural habitat and social wlbeing.  unproductive             lan should be alocated to woodland and        NRW  and  cosultants     commisioned to undertake/ discuss  an    EIA environmental impact assessment  to          detemine a    land  that could be  plabted as deciduoys woodland and be used in paralel as a green burial site  oeral  TCBC needs a climate chsnge strategy     and  climate chnge Officer to lead     such    possibilities 

Why the contribution is important

  muttiple benef its    in one hit.

1   reduction of  GHG emission

2 promotes            restorative natural habitat

3   leads to  tree   growth that      increaes  sequstration of CO2   greater take-up of CO2  in growing trees

 4     promotes      metal wellbeing   through    giving public acess to     natural  woodlnd habitats    if    develped by community/ school  project  groups it has the  power to  educate       and    socialise mental  health / well-being   as wel as.. 

5            reate  availbility    to local communities of green     eco- friendly    end-of life    processes.   with potential to    create      more positive          mental atitudes to deth and funerals 

by profJohn on December 12, 2020 at 04:55PM

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