Build Better Environment Friendly Homes

House builders are some of most profitable companies in the Country. Barratts for example report profits in excess of £700million. Persimmon pay their CEO bonuses of over £50m. House builders should be doing much more to help the environment. They can ceratinly afford to help and they would most probably pass on some or if not all the extra costs to their purchasers. Planning departments need to make builders do more at the planning stage.

House builders should be building new homes with more of the following

Solar panels, small wind turbines and heat source pumps.

Incorporate water recycling of storm water for watering gardens and washing cars. Every house should have a water butt fitted.

Every home should be fitted with a smart meter when being built.

Why not have triple glazing instead of double glazing 

There are so many more things that can be done by house builders to help the environment

Why the contribution is important

Everyone need somewhere to live. Every new home should be build to the highest standard possible not just to building regulations standard. Every new home must be 100% environmental friendly.

Although the selling price might be higher, the purchaser would save money each year by using better heating methods and recyling water etc.

But my suggestion would be that 10% of house builders profits should be put back into making houses better

Planning Departments should encourage builders to do this - if they will not - force them to do it. After all builders want to sell houses and they should be the best for the enviroment.


by Alessi1303 on December 11, 2020 at 08:17PM

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