Missed Bin Reporting

Most weeks the road on which i reside has a missed bin.  It is very rare that it is reported o the missed bin collection, whcih then says to make a report. The street on which i reside has over  properties. even if 5% of people report this it will be 5 reports which effectively unnecessary if the council staff had sone their job properly. This then means that someone in teh mess that is Torfaen Council someone has to close off 5 cases. Each case needs to be read checked and then closed. Lets assume this takes 3 minutes, that is 15 minutes of resource for just 1 road. I suspect that this could be vastly more, maybe even as much as half a person a week. If the council get it right and the right people report and sent out this is the potential of a staff saving where they coudl be doing something productive.

Why the contribution is important

This has the potential of using a resource more usefully whether that is actually a job save (i.e. an expense to the council tax payer) or actually use someone more productively to provide added value to the council tax payer.

by Walker1 on November 23, 2021 at 05:59PM

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