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The Service Requests raised to Torfaen enter a black hole and never come back out. The amount of duplication must be horrific. Whenever i raise a query a subsequent service request is raised, there is no pro-active management. For 1 issue which was to do with not revceiving my council tax bill even though you were happily taking money from my bank (effectively breaking the terms of the direct debit guarantee) your staff raised at least 4 cases.

Why the contribution is important

Raise 1 case, update it, manage it. Avoid working against the same problem and duplication. save time and effeort and costs to the council tax payer. Took about 3 months to acually get a council tax bill. Also see other Idea in respect of getting council tax bills by email working . ..  combine the 2 and the customer experience would improve and money would be saved. 

If council tax payers actually thought they were getting some value for money they might also been more enthusiatic to pay.

by Walker1 on November 23, 2021 at 06:07PM

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