Household Waste Collections

Currently the blue cardboard bag, the wheeley bin, and the green bin are all collected once a fortnight.

Why not move the food caddy and the black recycling bins also to fortnightly, from weekly? Several times these are missed by the bin men, anyway, and we have to wait until the following week to get them collected, and that doesn't seem to cause any problem. So why not make it permanent?

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Cost saving.

by Witold on November 09, 2021 at 03:25PM

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  • Posted by walker November 12, 2021 at 17:35

    Agree with food bin.
    Less sure about black box as this would increase in the amount of boxes out (certainly in my case) and will effectively slow the collection.
    Not sorting on the road would speed up collection and reduce the missed collections.
  • Posted by pennyjones November 15, 2021 at 10:20

    In the summer, waiting 2 weeks for a food bin collection would result in smells of rotting food. For those of us who have little space and need to keep our bins close to our doors this would be problematic. With regard to the black boxes, it would make no difference to me as I generate very little rubbish but my neighbour with 3 small children already has 2 to 3 boxes of recycling a week. Where are we supposed to store all this stuff. I fear people would stop bothering. We have already stopped putting paper out for recycling because of the litter left behind by the refuse collectors. It blows away while they are tipping it into the truck and they never attempt to pick up what they dropped. With twice as many boxes to empty I think this problem could get worse and would certainly slow down the collection, which might defeat the object. So I am not in favour of this suggestion I'm afraid.
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