Bin Collections

Does this need a total overhaul? 

Not a week goes by when bins arent missed, on the report you send out t certainly doesn't include all streets which have been omitted. Yet taking all of this into account some staff are still seen finishing shift at 2pm by the New Inn Recycle plant - assumption this is their end destination. No idea how many hours they are contracted for but i cant see that its a 37 hour week as this would mean a start time of 6am allowing for required breaks. 

maybe earlier starts to allow traffic free(er) movement of the teams

maybe more efficient planning of the rotas

maybe an efficiency drive to look at how and what is being collection why there are daily failures and look at what prevention measures could be incorporated

review of hours of operation

Why the contribution is important

Get into a position that what is being done is what should be done. The teams would be up to date and not starting being schedule every day which must be soul destroying. 

Understanding the points of failure and getting weak spots covered.

REduction in overtime as i am assuming Sat is a catch up day

Keep the area cleaner needing less street cleaning


by Walker1 on November 16, 2021 at 05:55PM

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