Become a Commercial Operation

use the schools and other facilities to generate revenue. e.g. hire out gyms to private zumba / bootcamp / pilates whatever else classes

use football rugby tennis courts and provide after school sports

hire out rooms for meetings to external companies / groups, anything from businesses to local groups e.g WI or maybe local business as a meeting rooms

use staff as outsourced contractors e,g you have a landscape team and land scape capable staff tender for work. You have tools and people who are all very capable

look at your adult education offering. a lot of classes are in the evening and older folk don't want to use public transport at night. Change the offerings so that there are some more during the day. Also you have offered German beginners for years, how about an improvers class people wont keep paying to do the same thing.

For languages offer an intensive day with a focus on speaking the language for the day.

Offer day courses anything from DIY to flower arranging to cookery and IT and anything else. Many older folk / grand parents look after grand children during the week so maybe some weekend day schools

What happens to the garden waste? If composted then sell it cheaply to residents,

You know what you have available to you so look at how the facilities and tools you have can best be used. 

Why the contribution is important

you have hardware that isn't being fully used to its full potential. Schools are empty for around 13  weeks of a year - this is a serious waste of money. 

You will improve your offerings to the community and they will see that you are making life better

more fitness will improve the health of the community

Your staff will be valued when they see themselves doing tendered work

by Walker1 on November 15, 2021 at 06:10PM

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