Time to rethink/review the black boxes for recycling?

The black recycling boxes are not used well by residents, are often overfilled and nets are not used.  People complain that they are unsightly and difficult to store in smaller properties. Is it time to review / rethink the recepticles used in favour for stronger, larger, permanently lidded containers that are less brittle and do not break so easily if roughly handled?

Why the contribution is important

Spillage from recycling is noticable every bin day in my area as are overflowing black boxes. People don't get second boxes even though they are free and tend instead to over fill the black boxes which causes spillage. The nets are not used, get lost and also pose a threat to wildlife who can and do get trapped in them.  The black boxes break easily if not handled gently, which created a health and safety hazard for anyone handling them via sharp jagged edges and must add significant costs to replace.  It's also more difficult for crews to deal with overfull black boxes and spillage is inevitable. Is it time to phase out the old boxes and replace them with strudier, larger recepticals with lids permanently attached? There are many different ways that LAs now collect recyling kerbside in Wales. Which are the most cost effective, popular and easiest for crews to deal with? Do bags work best? Time for a review? 

by lynwyn on October 06, 2019 at 06:07PM

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