Stop people throwing rubbish out car windows

Train birds of prey to spot the signs and swoop down and stop the offenders.

We've all seen these magnificent birds perched on lampposts looking for there next meal. Let's let their eyes become ours from their vantage points and together we can put a stop to this.  The birds could be trained to sweep down as windows are rolled down, Even if litter isn't being thrown, just as a deterrent. Obviously discourage them from approaching head on towards the windscreen!!

The birds could also be trained to pick up the litter and follow the vehicle to its destination and return the rubbish to its owner to dispose correctly.

Why the contribution is important

It stops people from throwing out the rubbish.

It makes the most of resources that are already in place. Sat perched waiting.

Nobody would want the shame of being seen with a buzzard hovering over their car from say Pontymoile to Cwmbran (Asda) to be hit with a falling Costa cup that they thought they'd chucked to the side of the road back 3-4 miles away.

by FrankBruno on October 17, 2019 at 05:01PM

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