Sort the recycling lorry

When I am out walking especially on the days the recycling lorry has been around all along the verges is litter which has clearly come from the recycling lorry !

I drove through the lanes today from Henllys past the Castle y Bwlch pub through to 14 locks the rubbish all along the side of the road was awful to see, this is not people throwing rubbish from cars although I have seen people do this which is absolutely disgusting, this is litter from recycling lorries it’s too much to be anything else. The council need to get their act together I’m sure this would make an impact on the amount of litter around the streets.Also more bins could be provided especially for dog walkers. Although I cannt  see why everyone couldn’t take there rubbish home with them and dispose of it appropriately it’s not hard who wants to live in a country with litter on the ground we should be ashamed. I often pick up litter which has been left in the road and on the verges after the recycling lorry has been,  not only in the street where I live but on the verges when I walk my dog 

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As I said above we need to do something about all the litter now 

by nicolahossington on October 04, 2019 at 09:29PM

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