more sinage through the borough. Place adverts in local paper.names and shame. fine people use the monies then to clean borough get the offenders to help clean the rubbish up.the more times you affend the heavier the spots in the borough place at school,collages work places.

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we have a seriou litter problem where I live and torfaen council clean fortnightly and also the volunteer

clean but within a day litter here we go it start all over again. We live close to a pond people go up there

when they pass my property I as if they have got rubbish bag if not I give them some and tell them to leave them by our gate and we sort it and dispose of it properly we have had cars burnt out up there a local firm remove it we had beds tents Evan a canoe that was stolen from trevethin  my husband had a trailer so we return it .I think people believe it is okay to just make a mess  leave it for someone else to clean it.

people don’t care

by Elizabethgoff on October 17, 2019 at 07:46AM

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