Maps showing where volunteer litter pickers are currently working with a campaign to fill the map with colour and recruit more volunteers.

Some LAs are now producing maps where people can log on to  register their litter picking efforts and to view those of others -  clearly showing areas where volunteer groups are currently litter picking. The aim - to get a map that is well  covered by volunteer groups or individuals and to encourage others to join in.  It will also identify areas that lack caring local volunteers and may need more frequent street cleaning. Even one person litter picking an area around their house should be able to register their efforts as every single volunteers is making a huge difference locally and a very precious resource. Is this doable with TCBC tech and systems? 

Why the contribution is important

Raising awareness of litter issues and getting local people involved is not only good for the environment but good for residents and communities - great exercise, great way to meet, great for building stronger communities.  Keep Wales Tidy are proposing hubs that would lend out litter picking equipment at short notice and advise people on how to work safely.  Great idea but they need to be plentiful and easily accessible  across all areas of the borough. These hubs could also give advice on how to get the collected litter picked up by TCBC or anything and everything to make things easier for volunteers to get organised. Regular litter picking groups need support and encouragement, easy access to new bags, litter pickers, gloves, free insurance cover. Local schools could register their patch and who better to encourage adults than our younger generations. 

by lynwyn on October 06, 2019 at 06:38PM

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