Get larger businesses to take responsibility. Add recycling bins for public

I live next to Tesco, just over the footbridge. There is always a pile of rubbish just behind the wall where the kids sit, and the rubbish also trails up the footbridge and beyond. While Tesco’s keep their car park relatively litter free, why can’t they entend a little beyond? The rubbish is all from Tesco’s so I think they should take a bit more responsiblilty rather than what’s their official bounderies but the walk way that is only really used to get to Tesco. Tesco is large enough to sort their surrounding area, when I often see small businesses sweeping the outside areas of their shop. If smaller businesses can do it then there is no excuse for the big corporations. 


I would also love to see recycling bins for the public. Cardiff have them and it just makes people a bit more aware of what they are throwing away. People would be more inclined to recycle items rather than putting all their rubbish in one public bin. 


I also think an occasional road sweeper doing local roads once in a while would help.

Why the contribution is important

I feel like making these two changes would reduce the amount of litter in the streets. I have noticed how bad it has become recently. Its no good for wildlife and it’s no good for community spirit. I think once people start being ok with litter the problem escalates.

by SamSmith on October 04, 2019 at 04:39PM

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  • Posted by Lindsay October 06, 2019 at 21:58

    I also think big businesses such as McDonalds, KFC etc should contribute to the community by either funding or providing their own volunteers to keeping Torfaen tidy. I know they are not responsible for what irresponsible people do after they’ve purchased meals but they generate the packaging in the first place. The litter has got far worse since the drive thru’s arrived in Pontypool. The majority of litter I regularly pick up on my road is from these fast food companies and most of it is recyclable. They make enough profit so should take some responsibility to ensure it is recycled/ removed from the environment appropriately.
  • Posted by Lindsay October 08, 2019 at 07:56

    What about if TCBC worked with McDonalds/KFC etc to trial them having their packaging back? For example they could offer incentives of a free meal if people returned previous packaging {a bit like when you get so many stamps on a card for buying coffee and then you get a free one from them. This way the companies themselves would be responsible for recycling their own packaging whilst encouraging people to keep the place tidy. People could also be encouraged to use reusable cups with a free drink incentive from such companies to cut down on unnecessary packaging/ litter.
  • Posted by ceriregan October 26, 2019 at 14:21

    I agree with all of the above. Get larger orgs to take more responsibility. Love the idea about McDondalds/KFC assisting litter picks. Plus love the idea of taking the packaging back to the organisation - this may encourage them to think a little bit more about the packing in the first place. I have also known plastic wrapping around fruit and veg be given back to the supermarkets in a bid to make them rethink how they provide products to consumers. We should encourage this in Torfaen, with support from the Council.
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