empty litter bins more responsively

I often see litter bins in areas of high footfall overflowing with rubbish and with items put on the floor beneath them. Would it be possible to empty heavily used bins more often and responsive to use? which may even be seasonal?

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This would prevent spillage and waste that cannot be put in when the bin is too full from blowing around and also prevent rubbish being pulled out by wildlife looking for an easy meal. I'm sure the teams who empty the litter bins could come up with a schedule and know exactly which bins are heavily used and which are rarely full. Examples noted this week....the bin outside the Coop in Croesyceiliog full to over capacity, the small lampost bin by the flats on Cardigan Cresent in Croesyceiliog is over full with dog poo bags where people walk that way the access the playing fields and Dyke. The bin at Garn Lakes Car Park is often overflowing, as are the bins at Southfields and Northfields in Cwmbran. There are many more examples in the Borough. 

by lynwyn on October 06, 2019 at 05:53PM

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