Jury service style engagement by public service staff

I am time poor - working full time and having a young family I don't have much time for consultations or to get involved in decision making. Many people have busy lives and time pressures.

To ensure a diverse range of people have a say on topics and a chance to participate, staff from the Council - or ideally staff from right across public services - could be given formal time during work to engage in focus groups/workshops where they learn about an issue and give input.

This could be done in a way that ensures the voices of disabled people, carers, LGBTQ people, those from various ethnicities and people with various religious beliefs etc. are all heard, not just the 'time-privileged'.

I imagine this to work a bit like jury service, but on a voluntary basis (this is important, there would obviously be considerations around adding pressure to workloads and managers of service areas would need to be adaptable)

Why the contribution is important

To ensure broader involvement in decision making by meeting the needs of those with protected characteristics and potentially also those on lower incomes.

by StevenhTCBC on October 05, 2021 at 12:05PM

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